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Points Exchange Highlight

Habo5 Admin posted Jul 7, 14
Waggish Habo what texture pack did you happen to use for this? It looks like R3D.craft to me but I don't know for sure.
lspmonny yay! you guys look so happy with all your loot.
~ Eoscraft Anniversary Sale! ~

It's finally here! EosCraft's four year anniversary! In celebration of this special occasion, all one-time donation ranks are 25% off from July 4th - August 4th using the coupon code anniversary2014! This is a great chance to upgrade your donation rank and take advantage of some of our great server perks! This is your last chance to purchase a luxury donation rank, so if there's a rank you have your eye on, better step up quick!
Click here to view all the current ranks and upgrade to a higher rank! Remember to use the coupon code!

Pets and Disguises

Available in the store are pets and disguises! Buy your pet in a bundle or pick out your very favorite Minecraft mob and buy it individually for a much lower cost. Make sure to use the coupon code anniversary2014 to save 25% off all pets and disguises!
Click here for more information about the pet system or click here for information about disguises!

~ Upcoming Features ~

In order to comply with Mojang's new EULA on August 1st, we have a series of changes to donation rank benefits as well as a slew of new features! Click here for a full breakdown of the EULA changes and some FAQ.

Donation Rank Changes

Beginning on August 1st, all current donation packages will become legacy ranks. You will always keep your legacy rank for the duration of your stay on EosCraft! On August 1st, legacy ranks will no longer be available for purchase. A new set of donation and subscription ranks will be implemented so you can donate to EosCraft the way you choose! New perks and benefits will be available for the new ranks, with more on the way!

Builder Rank Changes

But what about all those nifty legacy perks, you ask. Are they gone for good?
Nope! In order to comply with Mojang's new EULA, all gameplay affecting perks will be assigned to builder ranks, which can be earned by creating a great build in-game! All players who already have earned a builder rank will receive these upgrades for free on August 1st!
keeper3945 that sad moment when youre not quite 16 yet as to apply for staff application. (>_<)
lspmonny thanks for typing in all those words, Habo ...

June Vote Winners

rtcabooservb S-Admin posted Jul 1, 14
Congratulations to June's top voters!

Asylum_Seeker$40.00 credit
$25.00 credit
$15.00 credit
Asylum_Seeker First place was hotly contested between CityDigger and I. ...
Lunaran36 gratz guys!! ...
lspmonny grats everyone!
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Can I be whitelisted? Again?
*Whitelisted for Pixelmon
How come it says I am not whitelisted when I am?
World border expanded again on Pixelmon.
It is a server that is apart of EosCraft that is running the Pixelmon mod.
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