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Builder spotlight - AlexisetAmelie

Funerrz ModJournalist posted Wed at 13:52
Noby_Diver S-AdminP-Admin
Noby_Diver @ EosCraft Survival
Continue your hard work Alex. It will be worth it. Good luck on your architect. ...
lspmonny S-Mod Very nice. Great work, Alex!

Pixelmon Articuno Event!

wenger21gmail S-Admin
wenger21gmail @ EosCraft Survival
posted Wed at 9:57
wenger21gmail S-Admin
wenger21gmail @ EosCraft Survival
Reminder that his event is going on until the end of the month. Be sure to check it out on pixelmon. For connection in ...
lordoflames Does anyone know where it is?
mishmash9 is this a re-spawning temple? so any number of people can get it?

Parkour Build Contest

Foxerrz Journalist posted Nov 14, 14

Waggish Also a question if I were to win would I have to get a rank or could I use the prize money/rank to get something else fr ...
Holyhybrid seems like staff have a huge advantage since they can use creative. Staff are for the most part the only ones who have s ...
mishmash9 What do you mean when you say "If you submit your build through one of our social media websites, you will receive ...
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Just curious how much bandwidth is the pocket edition using? I can imagine your burning trough your data for all chunks which are loaded and unloaded all the time.
On a phone you'd be at like -2fps...
Eos is most likely not going to go to Pocket Edition. It doesn't have a big enough community push from what I can tell. You are the first one to mention it from what I know too. Sorry :/
Never! *Thug lyfe activated*
When is this server going to have a Minecraft Pocket Edition server. Im playing srvival games on my phone right now on a minecraft server. And I'm like, wheres Eos. ;<
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