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I saw it today. I thought it was very good. A bit violent, but it wasn't as close to the book... A bit rushed... Still worth seeing though!
I'll be seeing it with my best mates next week I think, Strangie.
I wanna so badly ASP, but stupid parents wouldn't take me to see and won't buy the 1st movie...
yo has anyone seen Insurgent yet? :3
No, Lordo
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Spring Sale - 30% Off

Foxerrz Journalist posted Fri at 8:34

The new spawn is live!

Kittycat Journalist posted Mar 17, 15

White_pepper The spawn is awsome! Thanks Kitty for taking the time to create this for us!
AlphaKnight495 I love the use of tenebrism when its night. It really makes it life like and your're walking in a world of air ships and ...
darrell231 -Cries- So beautiful.

Moderator Promotion - DapieLord

Foxerrz Journalist posted Mar 11, 15

mrawesomegames Congrats dude
Dapielord Mod Thanks all XD on a side note why was Lord capitalised and Pie not XD
IndigoLaser Congrats! Also tomorrow is Pi day (3/14/15) so yeah lets have some pies : )